About Us

Discover more about the individuals who have helped develop the BeeArc project. From its founder, James Fearnley, to our community of Global Ambassadors, click the links below to find out more.

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  • The Founder

    The BeeArc grew out of James Fearnley’s 2011 idea to build a research centre which could explore both the medicinal properties of bee products as well as more sustainable forms of beekeeping.

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  • The Charity

    The BeeArc Project currently operates within Apiceutical Research Centre Ltd (ARC) a social enterprise – a company limited by guarantee.

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  • Global Ambassadors

    The BeeArc project will be built in the UK in a small village nestling within the North York Moors surrounded by the beautiful heather moors.

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  • Great Potential

    The BeeArc came to our attention when we were invited to tender for a feasibility study for the project and learned about James Fearnley's passionate plans for the BeeArc.

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  • Friend Organisations

    The BeeArc has many friend organisations around the world too, who are collaborating with the BeeArc enriching its meaning and supporting its development.

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