How Does The BeeArc Operate?

A Social Enterprise

The BeeArc Project currently operates within Apiceutical Research Centre Ltd (ARC) a social enterprise – a company limited by guarantee.

Purpose of Apiceutical Research Centre

Apiceutical Research Centre Ltd is a company limited by guarantee - company number 07773688. It was created in September 2011 by James Fearnley to explore twin aims of:

  • Research into the Medicines from the beehive
  • To research and develop sustainable bee keeping practice

International Advistory Board

The Advisory Board for Apiceutical Research Centre currently acts also as the advisory board for the BeeArc project.

Charitable Status

The BeeArc is currently seeking separate full charitable status at which point all assets with ARC will be transferred to the new charity and the Advisory Board will be come the new board of Trustees.