• Update on the BeeArc Project

    21 May 2024

    We’ve held two information days in Goathland, explaining the BeeArc to local residents & visitors, have asked for feedback on the BeeArc project & what local people would like to get involved with. You can see some of the feedback we received in this blog. We are due to speak to Goathland parish council in early June. We’re also seeking funding to apply for planning permission. If you’d like to volunteer to help in any way to get the BeeArc project off the ground, please get in touch & we can have a chat!

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  • Building the BeeArc - Talk by James Fearnley 21st May 6.30pm at The Dispensary shop, 25 Skinner Street, Whitby.

    13 May 2024

    James Fearnley, founder of the BeeARC will be explaining the development of this exciting project, inspired by the honeybee, and planned for Goathland!

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