Update on the BeeArc Project

21 May 2024

Why the BeeArc?

The BeeArc is an exciting new project inspired by the honeybee & planned for Goathland. We have seen how the honeybee is under multiple stresses & also the human being is suffering multiple stresses. Both bees and humans need to find a space where they are living more naturally and more in connection with each other. We can learn such a lot from the honeybee in relation to its connection within nature, its social make-up, its cultural significance and how the honeybee supports and strengthens human existence.

Colony Collapse Disorder

We have recognized how the honeybee and nature are failing.

Over commercialisation of the honeybee and of nature is leading to the collapse of both the honeybee’s and nature’s complex ecological balance and immune system.

For bees this is known as Colony Collapse Disorder, where the majority of the worker bees leave the hive, and do not return. It is thought that the accumulation of stresses placed on bees by over - commercialisation and the degradation of our natural resources result in the colony falling apart, no longer able to operate as a whole.

Community Collapse Disorder

We have also seen how humans are facing environmental, community and cultural failure at critical levels, mirroring what is happening to the bees - what we might call Community Collapse Disorder.

How we can learn from the honey bee

We have recognized how we can learn from the honeybee, about

  • its critical role in nature
  • its vital role in human food production
  • the extraordinary foods and medicines which benefit human beings

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Building the BeeArc

We are seeking planning permission to create a space in Goathland, North Yorkshire, where we can come together to:


A space to find out about the significance and meaning of the honeybee and nature and to explore our human relationship with them.


A space to investigate and research the social, environmental and cultural significance of the honeybee and the natural world.

Put into Practice- A CRAFT COMMUNITY

A space to explore and put into practice ways in which we can live more sustainable lives together with nature and the honeybee.

BeeArc information Days

We have now held two information days at Goathland Village Hall, on October 25th 2023 and February 21st 2024. We welcomed a steady stream of visitors to chat to us about our vision for the BeeArc, ask questions, tell us their thoughts, look at plans with our architect, and fill in a short questionnaire with their feedback about the project. Thank you to everyone who came to our information days. It was very encouraging to meet everyone and feel so much positivity towards the BeeArc project.

BeeArc Information Day Questionnaire

Some of the comments made at the event in February were:

  • Great opportunity for Goathland. Really liked the concept particularly the educational activities and the Visitor Centre.
  • Inspirational
  • Impressive with lots of potential
  • Exciting, creating a positive feeling with many new possibilities.
  • Very interesting, particularly concerning the welfare of the Honeybee and its connection to human activities
  • Great that it is in Goathland. It would become North Yorkshire’s Eden Project

Attendees also said they were interested in:

  • Learning more about Honeybees and the relationship with problems that are being experienced by Human Beings
  • The visitor centre
  • Craft workshops.
  • Having the opportunity to take up a hobby within the community aspect of the proposal.
  • The community aspect.

BeeArc Survey to local residents in Goathland

A big part of the BeeArc project is being part of and supporting our local community and so we asked residents of Goathland a few questions about what they would like to see & get involved with in their local community.

Results of the survey

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who took the BeeArc survey. We delivered the questionnaire to nearly every household in Goathland and just over 20% of recipients replied which was brilliant, producing some interesting results that we can share with you.

What You Would Like to See In Goathland

  • A Bakery
    Nearly half of all the people who responded would like to see a Bakery in Goathland.
  • Produce Sharing
    Over a third of you would like to see a produce sharing scheme.
  • Community Compost and Skill Sharing
    One third of respondents would like to see a community compost scheme and a way of sharing skills in the community.
  • Shared Transport and Shared Energy
    Just under one third of you would like to see a shared transport scheme and some common approach to energy usage.
  • Things You Would Like to Get Involved With
    Local Walks. Nearly half of you would like to explore local walks.
  • Helping Others
    One third of you want to get involved in helping others.
  • Eating Together
    One third like the idea of eating together .
  • Natural History/Book Club/Theatre
    One in 5 of you are interested in natural history, being part of a book club ( there already is one) and theatre going.
  • Craft Skills
    Top of the list for learning a craft skill was pottery, followed by woodworking and woodturning. Other skills mentioned were spinning, weaving, languages, cheese making and yoga.

hands of a potter, creating an earthen jar

What stage are we at and what next?

The BeeArc team plan to attend the local parish council meeting on 5th June to explain the BeeArc project to the local councillors, and we are currently seeking funding to apply for planning permission for The BeeArc from North York Moors National Park Planning Authority.

How to get involved

A healthy beehive can contain up to 70,000 honeybees working together to build their community. Will you become one of our70,000 BeeArc friends and supporters?

Connect with the BeeArc at or to have a chat with the BeeArc team about ways to get involved, please email

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