Paula Carnell

Having followed the work of James Fearnley, as soon as I heard of the BeeArc project I knew that it was perfectly aligned with my own values and aspirations. Pulling together over 30 years of research and wisdom on the products from the bee hive, James’s life’s work comes together with this manifestation of inspiration from the bees. In my own work, as I have learned how the bees work collaboratively and supporting the good of the whole, humanity needs and I believe is ready, to learn from this api wisdom and improve life and wellbeing of mankind.

With humility, the BeeArc is pulling together like minded people who together can create a new way of understanding our purpose and wellbeing. I strongly believe that honeybees are the connection between the heavens and humanity. The Beearc is providing that bridge to a better world for ourselves and the earth we live on.

Paula carnell