The BeeArc Discovery Centre

Discover the BeeArc Exhibition

In The Discovery Exhibition the visitor will go on a journey through three Pavilions:

1. The Cultural and Spiritual Pavilion

    This pavilion will explore the important cultural and spiritual meaning of the honeybee, how it has evolved and how it has been revered by humans since Babylonian times. This pavilion will show how the honeybee, through its association with the priestly function, has accompanied humans through the ages acting as a stepping stone into higher understanding.

    2. The Social and Community Pavilion

      This pavilion will explore the unique and extraordinary social organisation of the honeybee, how up to 70,000 separate bees can operate as a single and coherent whole – as a Superorganism. That which we take for granted will be unpacked and explored. The critical relationship of the honeybee within nature will be explained.

      3. The Economimc and Environmental Pavilion

        In this pavilion we will turn to the pivotal economic and environmental significance of the honeybee within nature and for man. We will focus on the relationship between the honeybee and the production of food for human beings via pollination as well as exploring the powerful foods and medicines it produces.