Discover the BeeArc Building

In The Discovery Building surrounding the Exhibition the visitor will be able to visit:

The Bee Space

    The BeeSpace will be a unique hexagon shaped performance, exhibition, and meeting space where both our local community as well as our regional, national, and international friends can explore the social, environmental, and cultural world of both the honeybee and the human being in a variety of mediums: Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions, Art, Music, Poetry and Spirituality. Refreshments will also be available.

    The Honeycomb Community

      The Honeybee Community will be run by the local Craft Community – those people living and working around the BeeArc who are exploring new ways of living together, working together and understanding and celebrating live together. The Honeybee Community will be developing:

      • The Wise Hands Workshops: including pottery, weaving, spinning, woodwork, gardening, and a repair shop.
      • Hives of Activity: gatherings where the local community and visitors can be involved in making things, meeting each other, and exploring common interests and meaning.
      • Hexagon Health and Well Being resource: Information and connections to help you find the health balance that fits you.