Building the BeeArc

Social, Cultural and Economic Renewal

Inspired by the Honeybee

James Fearnley

33 Years Inspired by the Honeybee

Over the last 33 years James has pioneered a number of medical and social initiatives inspired by the honeybee.

Through Nature's Laboratory Limited he has pioneered research and development of a new range of remarkable medicines from the beehive which he calls Apiceuticals.

Through Common Cause CIC and The Dispensary he has developed the concept of three-dimensional health within community – health which depends on social and spiritual factors as well as purely physical and economic factors.

Through Threes Company he has pioneered the concept of three-dimensional health for organisations - businesses, not-for-profits and statutory bodies – social and spiritual health as well as economic health.

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Rediscovering the True Meaning of the Honeybee

From the very beginning the honeybee has been revered as a guide and companion for human beings.

  • In Egypt
    Neith was worshipped throughout Egypt, where her temple became known as the 'House of the Bee'.
  • In Greece
    In the Temple at Ephesus, the priestesses were called Mellissa and the priests were called Essene or King Bee.
  • In India
    The Hindu gods Vishnu, Krishna, and Indra were called Madhava, the nectar-born ones, and their symbol was the bee.
Bees "And thy Lord revealed to the bee: make your honeycomb in the mountains and in the trees and in the hives which men build and eat all the flowers and fruits and do in the way of thy Lord submissively. There comes forth from their bellies a liquid of many hues, in which there is healing for men. Therein is surely a sign for men who reflect." Sure Al Naho, the Qur'an
The Bee, verses 68-69

Honeybees are Having a Hard Time

Colony Collapse Disorder

31% of honeybee colonies in the United States died in the winter of 2012 - 2013.

Human beings have turned the honeybee into a one-dimensional commodity.

Steiner "Whoever looks at a beehive should actually say with an exalted mind; making this detour by way of the beehive the entire cosmos can find its way into human beings and help to make them sound in mind and body." Rudolf Steiner
Nine Lectures on Bees, 1923

Three-Dimensional Honeybees


Human Beings are Having a Hard Time

Community Collapse Disorder

Human beings are facing cultural, social and environmental meltdown in a society dominated by economics.


Human Beings are Three-Dimensional

We Have Three Bodily Systems

We Have Three Life Realms

Building a Three-Dimensional BeeArc

The BeeArc is a model around which both the honeybee and the human being can rebuild, repair and regenerate their wholeness - their three-dimensional being.


A place where we can explore and put into practice more appropriate and sustainable ways of living, working and celebrating life.

Will You Help Build the BeeArc?

A healthy beehive can contain up to 70,000 honeybees working together to build their community.

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